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A privately held Enhanced Communications Service company

Alpha Telecom company builds and operates high quality communications networks many of the most destinations.

Thanks to its international network, Alpha Telecom is a point of reference for world-class communications companies that transmit their international voice and data calls over this network.

About Us

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One of Europe’s leading Telecommunication companies.

Global Network

Next generation global VOIP switching network using multiple tier one IP backbones for maximum redundancy and exceptional global public peering.

High Standards

company’s proprietary network management and routing software.


Corporate Mission

Mission of

Alpha Telecom

Continue to be the dominant supplier of premier international communications services. Develop innovative customer products & services that result in strong brand loyalty. Partner with customers, carriers & vendors to increase their profitability. Actively promote Community Service and Outreach.

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Wholesale Termination

In- Outbound service for local & International long distance calls. Our billing system is bar none and will accommodate a wide variety of formats requested in the industry.


All services are deliverable using IP or TDM

Services provided over IP:
- Via public internet
- Via point-to-point
- Via MPLS or encrypted with TLS and SRTP or ZRTP

    Services delivered via TDM:
  • - Using ISDN or SS7 over point-to-point circuit
  • - Using cross connection in any of our on-net POP's

Wholesale Termination Advantages

• Quality, ASR and cost
• Least Cost Routing intelligence - routing to more than 150 direct interconnections
• Different routing plans (Wholesale, Standard, Premium)
• No recurring charges for basic services
• No monthly top-up or volume commitment required
• Early warning E-mail prevents clients from running out of credit
• SIP Termination protocols

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